New Frontrunners Store!!! - South Bay/Torrance

New Frontrunners Store!!! - South Bay/Torrance

For over 25 years New Balance in Torrance has brought the South Bay community all things New Balance, supported by an uncompromised commitment to our customers. And for those same 25 years the Team behind that effort, as owner and operator, has been FrontRunners LA – a local footwear specialist serving the Los Angeles community since 1977.  

Recently New Balance Torrance changed her name – to FrontRunners South Bay. Nothing beyond that has changed, in fact we got a bit better. The same Team is still here. The Managers, the Associates, the HomeOffice Team, from top to bottom are all here. The same New Balance Shoes you could buy yesterday, you can buy today, and will be able to buy tomorrow.  

So why would we change – well by changing the name it allows us to offer you the very best products from several other Brands. New Balance is still here – and in fact represents every single style, color and size we would have carried before this slight change. Yet now we can bring in the very best from everyone else. Its that simple. 

Please come by and see our familiar faces so we can see yours – bring your feet and that’s all we need to put you in the right gear, whether that be your trusted New Balance style or perhaps even a better option that we now can offer you. As always we appreciate your support, we really do … 


20611 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90503