We love Electric and Rose

Electric & Rose – A Love Story

Electric & Rose is having a major moment in my wardrobe as of late. Their beautifully made pieces are perfect for casual days as well as high intensity workouts. I am lucky that my job as an apparel buyer allows me to dress causal every day, making it oh so easy to grab an Electric & Rose piece (or two) out of my closet.

Here is a little background on Electric & Rose. The company, founded in 2014, is named after two iconic streets in the heard of Venice Beach, also where the company was founded. Designed and handmade in Los Angeles, E & R is inspired by the neighborhood’s off-beat combination of beachy yet urban tones and daring spirit. Their elevated tie dye, cozy fabrics, and breathable activewear are perfect for all of life’s adventures.

The founders grew up in Los Angeles and when they started E & R it was with the utmost importance that their clothes were made in LA supporting local economy and fellow family-owned businesses that works with natural fiber materials and sustainable dye processes. E & R is always striving to be more sustainable with packaging made of recycled material and all collections are made to order, not pre made. The goal, as they call out, “is to have as little waste as possible.” These choices separate E & R from the ‘fast fashion’ industry and producing excessive waste so we all can live in a better planet!

Some new pieces from E & R that I am obsessing over are the Dion Terry Bra, Lima Short  and Summer Terry Hoodie  as well as any and all of the Sunset Leggings we have in store and on the website. You seriously can’t go wrong with anything from Electric & Rose. Their pieces are of the highest quality and literally last forever! I have items in my closet from E & R that I purchased almost 7 years ago that still look brand new! If you are wanting to see these pieces IRL, head on over to our Frontrunners Brentwood store and see for yourself.

And as always, #TIME2LIVE