About Frontrunners

About Frontrunners

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Since 1977, FrontRunners has served the sunny neighborhood community of Brentwood, Los Angeles.  But that history does not allow rest on our Laurels. Instead it drives us to constantly evolve at the same pace as the world around us.  That includes a hyper focus on the newest fashion, most relevant product technology and services like same day delivery that allow us to get the products to you right when you want them.

A similar analog is what continues to attracts people to Southern California.  The surf culture and beach culture of the 60’s and 70’s brings a romantic notion and desire to live that lifestyle.  We still want to feel that vibe, but don’t want to ride the same surfboard from the 60’s or drive a car with 50-year-old technology. The same comparison lives on with Frontrunners, we love the history, but are focused on the now.

We recently invested in a new fitting system that’s capability of taking a 360-degree, 3D view of the foot within seconds.  This technology provides a huge amount of data that immediately improves our ability to find the right shoe for your feet, body and activity.  So, no matter if you’re looking for the newest running shoe, cross-training shoe, tennis shoe, sandals, walking shoe, kids’ shoe or just a great pair of casual/fashion shoes – please be assured we have it available.

Even though our history is long; we’re all about living in the now. That could be thru product, world class customer service both online and in-store or thru community building events. Please stop by our online store or brick-and-motor location to see what we have to offer.